Sihanoukville & Koh Rong Travel Guide


Once a sleepy beach town, Sihanoukville is undergoing a rapid transformation, but with crime, gambling and displacement of locals on the rise, is this development good for the city? Luckily, Koh Rong is another world; a heavenly island only an hour away. Here’s the story of Jekyll and Hyde on the Khmer coast.

+ Sihanoukville’s transformation 1:03
+ Sihanoukville’s problems – 1:40
+ How to get there – 2:38
+ Ouchheuteal Beach/pollution – 3:04
+ Otres Beach – 4:54
+ Red Light District – 5:47
+ Pool at the Girly Bar – 6:51
+ Ferry to Koh Rong – 8:34
+ Koh Rong – 9:01
+ Longset/4K Beach – 10:12
+ Outro – 11:24

These are the essentials to Sihanoukville and Koh Rong shot completely on my iPhone X with Filmic Pro.

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  1. Mitchell Travels says

    Is Koh Rong destined to go down the same path as Sihanoukville? Comment below.

  2. Gamer_ NoMoney says

    I hate Chinese

  3. Ashley Loren says

    I’m glad more people are exposing the chinese! They take and take until nothing is left!

  4. Patrick S says

    Sihanoukville was hell on Earth when I was there last month.

  5. វន ថន says


  6. Esdez says

    50 cents for a bowl of meat noodle? WTF

  7. Cheong T says

    Talked about China tourists "raping" the environment in Sihanoukville; bad ugly word. What about all those decades of raping by the West before China came?

  8. Cheong T says

    Too much anti-China tone. Seems to suggest Western domination is ok but investment from China is all colored bad. Part of the bitterness certainly is about competition with China money that makes the western tourists spending money goes less far. What about that turning Sihanoukville into an "unregulated" Las Vegas? There's always regulation though the enforcement can be loose. But with maturity and better economy, the rule of laws will pick up.

  9. Phu Nguyen says

    Sihanouk ville replacement of Macau. China want these money outside motherland
    At moment can't touch in Macau money soon they will shut down Macau lease out. Smart planning

  10. Advaita says

    '' honest women '' …either my brain is not suited for that sentence, or my humble experience tells me to distrust even the '' honest ones ''…let that,…sink in…

  11. Bill Endy says

    So what I am thinking is simply don't go to Cambodia if your primary intention is to find a beach vacation. There are other locations in SE Asia where you can find the outstanding beach experience if that is your primary vacation goal. But there are many other reasons to go to Cambodia, other than the beach, so it still remains a worthwhile destination.

  12. Theo Velentzas says

    Thanks for your great video, but this place looks like a cheap back pack shit hole

  13. Family Guy says

    Thank you for your honest opinion of Cambodia.

  14. Khmer Texas Going Home 2040 says

    Fuck Chinese still my country son don't siad Khmer people not welcome there

  15. Kyle Slades says

    Don’t blame the Chinese this is so cliche, having everyone in the comments believing your theory.
    Don’t you think tourists from every nation has brought destruction to this nature? Young caucasians are also corrupting the islands with their partying or neglecting local culture.

  16. sonie v.kay says

    china brings destruction everywhere they go.

  17. SANGAI TRAVEL says

    bro is this international border for tourist can entry here by ship.

  18. jimmychau23 says

    this city is in a mess. there is a LOTTTTT construction, like everywhere and trash on the street. So awful

  19. Vichet Meng says

    I'm a Cambodian originally from Sihanouk Ville, currently living in the US. Thank you for this brutally honest vlog. I'm deeply upset with the Cambodian government for letting their own people becoming the second class citizen on their own land. I visited my hometown last summer and the change in the city's vibe over the last couple of years is mind-boggling. I remembered when I was young I used to take a peaceful ride on my bike along ochheuteal beach, now the city is filled with traffic and stupid Chinese investors that literally ruined SihanoukVille to the point of no return. Wow, just wow.

  20. Dominic Ireland says

    Would love to see you review Europe's most beautiful island, Madeira.

  21. Dominic Ireland says

    They have Macao bolted to the side of the motherland.


    Any "freelancers" here??

  23. Deepak Sharma says

    This is truth..Sin even to the extent of buying/trafficking local Cambodian girls to China… Humans! 🙁 Regarding littering, much of our Indian beaches are too littered. People are disgusting, they leave their trails, not just their beer bottles or syringes

  24. Disco Drew says

    What the fuck are you on my friend? Grow up!
    Sihanoukville has been a seedy cesspit for over a decade. Koh Rong has seen a decline since 2016.
    You were probably still in school. Numpty!

  25. Brandon says

    i was born and raised in phnom pehn for 11 years i moved to america at 11 years old. now im 18. and im going back there next january to visit my mom have a house i kps. man kps got ugly when i was there it was very nice and beautiful. otres beach is the only beach that i go cuz my mom used to own a bungalow beach but we sold it. 🥺 fuck the chinese.

  26. awgee G says

    I love this brutally honest travel vlog hahaha

    Thanks for doing this!

  27. SaLo Traveller says

    Just stumbled upon this video and let me just say that your YT channel is great. I like the way you just keep it real and not sugar coated the reality as most of traveller's. New subscriber here!

  28. Eddie Price says

    Khmer not Kmie

  29. Eddie Price says

    OMG I was there 5 years ago. It was great. What have they done?

  30. Sifat Hasan says

    The story telling in this video is exceptional. You are amazing dude. I am so inspired.

  31. Phalla Bean says

    Agree with you 100%

  32. AARON says

    Thanks for this realistic tour. I've been to Sihanoukville many times beginning in 2008, last time in 2017. It used to be awesome. The Chinese writing was on the wall by that time. Won't go back. It can be dangerous and maybe that's why you didn't mention Hun Sen's dictatorship which has made all this Chinese destruction possible, not to mention the rape of the Northern hardwood forests and so much more. Noticed you stayed at Cloud 9 in "my room". Hope at least they're still hanging on…. and Koh Rong Samloem.

  33. S-P-K TIXNICK says

    sihanuvile is beautiful but people they don't know about how to make beautiful places

  34. TheRoadAhead says

    This breaks my heart man. I lived in Sihanoukville in the mid 2000s. Was the perfect mix of locals and backpackers. Little bit dangerous at times but so much fun. Watched it change rapidly but now my friends have told me about the Chinese destroying the place and the many displaced locals. Same has happened to many parts of Cambodia.

  35. J'adore Life says

    This is my favorite video #mitchelltravels

  36. Tony Richengod says

    any weed out there?

  37. Gagan Kalas says

    where r u from dear

  38. TONY HUANG says

    Sihanoukville will be a big joke just because of stupid chinese.

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