1. NvrMissBravo says

    What size ball is that ? I will have to buy one , i cant make a ball as good as you !! Is it 1 1/2 ? Or 2 1/2 ?

  2. Mohammed Shazan says

    Like a real rose…

  3. Gina Balean says

    Were is part 2?

  4. sahir manzar says

    Are you using crayons..
    Very soft cryons

  5. Thanh Nguyễn Di says

    Sao kết lãng vậy làm thì làm cho hết đi

  6. mỹ linh nguyễn says

    Hóng ah. Lâu quá ad ơi

  7. Saphia Handmade says

    [Saphia] hóng phần tiếp theo!

  8. tears le says

    E hóng đấy

  9. tears le says

    K có phần sau, hjx

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