Full recipe at (Xem cong thuc day du tai)
2 cloves garlic cut into thin slices
2 shallot cut into thin slices
1 egg plant cut into thin slices on the diagonal, soaked in water
1 knob ginger julienned
1/2 pineapple peeled, eyes-removed and cut into chunks
1 tbsp sugar
500 g beef cut into thin slices against the grain
chilli flakes
10 lady fingers (okra) sterm removed and cut into thin slices
1 green chilli
1 head lettuce
fresh Vietnamese herb
20 g butter
1-2 red chilli
rice paper
rice vermicelli
anchovy sauce


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    If you have a man to spoil with the delishious food you make on your videos, he better treat you right with respect. That's some fine ass food.

  3. Helen Nguyen says

    Thank you so much Helen. You help me to save my time. my family can enjoy my cook. I love your instruction.

  4. Purple Watermelon says

    Món này xua rôì e oi!

  5. Dav Rocket says

    hi Helen can i replace with something else then pineapple bc i am allergic ?

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    Chị ơi sẵ làm vid hướng dẫn làm bò nhúng giấm luôn đi c nhaaa :))

  7. Deer Bones says

    i want that cast iron cow skillet

  8. esprezzo12 says

    I find this dish quite similar with "Bò Né".

  9. greenfunk says

    What is anchovy sauce? Any substitute if not available?

  10. Ashley Ashley says

    This looks amazing, my family makes salad rolls often but it would be nice to have an alternative rice paper roll up to make. Thanks.

  11. Jellybelly80 says

    Hi Helen! That looks delicious😋 I just want to know what exactly the herbs?

  12. Nghi Tran says

    Hình như em thấy chị tham gia chương trình Home cooked Asia: Vn

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    This looks great!

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    Hi Helen,
    What fresh vegetables did you use in your wrap?

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    Will you ship me the ingredients

  27. MsKTMvalley says

    The upside bowl is a great idea hehehe (;

  28. Valerie Cao says

    I'm surprise it's not popular in Vietnam. It's popular in the states!! I love it! I also love cooking it in vinegar.

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    Tuyệt chiêu dùng chén để sắp thịt bò của chị hay ghê ^_^

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