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DISCLAIMER: I don’t own this film. It is my favourite scene from the movie ,,Beastly,, and it is for entertainment purposes only. I do not intend to make any profit from it.
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  1. Seth Winters says

    Who's cutting onions dammit?

  2. soul death says

    Awww shippo (◡ ω ◡)(≧▽≦)❤️

  3. Sanidhya Vijay says

    Why does he look like snoke?

  4. Tim 502 says

    Your vanity will be the death of you! #faceit

  5. Ryan Swanson says

    Lindy and Hunter’s (Kyle’s) first kiss 3:00

  6. Xyra R. says


  7. sriha suvha says

    I want to see full movie

  8. Coral Roper says

    Neil Patrick Harris is the best part of this movie

  9. Coral Roper says

    Neil Patrick Harris is the best part of this movie

  10. Rainbow Phoenix says

    This was the only good scene in this terrible movie.
    I really wish what had happened was he was beautiful and vain but then he got into the car accident and it caused him to look terrible (like he had the cool piercings and tattoos before) and then had to live like that, and the movie ends with her saying she loves him and going on the trip and when she realizes how much she loves him she leaves the trip and they embrace, and he finally loves himself after all the events of the movie, knowing he could be loved by Lindy.

  11. Die Lala halt says

    4:05 Omg😢

  12. Angel D365 says

    I love this movie!!

  13. Siam Abedin says

    “I don’t feel ugly at all”
    “It’s because you’re not” 😭

  14. Ella Navarro says

    Huhu wish to see vanessa and alex again in a new movie. Love their chemistry 😊

  15. Bethany Campione says

    I love that he accepts the fact that he'll always be this way before he changes back

  16. Gillian Rodriguez says

    I havny watched the movie yet im still reading the book

  17. Mia Mi says

    That girl at 1:27 fucking GASPING omg i cant😂😂

  18. Carolina de Monáco says

    alguien sabe como se llama la pimera canción??
    anyone know the first sog?? please

  19. Heather Contois says

    Loved the movie, the book was better, but they did a good job with the adaptation.

  20. DANI G says

    Neil Patrick Harris wassss in this movie? What. The. Fuck.

  21. Lilahs Flower Box says

    Sabrina Vanessa judges♥️♥️

  22. Roopkana Bhattacharyya says

    alex pettyfer i love u so much

  23. dark princess says

    love is beautiful so you do not need to be beautiful or perfect

  24. dazzlingedits says

    Fav moment EVER

  25. xXUniXx says

    Tbh…he is kinda hot…_.😂

  26. Corrine Donovan says

    I'm sorry but I'd still get with him even as a beasty <3

  27. Dgame Eddy says

    Believe me, this is more than insane!!!!

  28. VegasWorldRaven Cx says

    I loved the book but the movie wow lol but I thought it would be more beast like tbh I was sad it wasn't

  29. Yesenia The Hedgehog says

    I love this scene so much

  30. Anonymous says

    And then you just gotta think that everybody around them is like- Wtf is happening.

  31. Anonymous says

    1:45 Well, that let the cat out of the bag.

  32. Isabelle Burns says

    is it weird that I find him better when he's the "ugly" version of himself?

  33. Cosplayer Queen98 says

    Also, they took away the one thing I loved about the book, the fact that Lindy was just average looking, not Vanessa Hudgens looking. She had red hair and green eyes and freckles 🙁 Where is that Lindy?

  34. Cosplayer Queen98 says

    Low key wish they did the dress scene from the book (y'all should know, the one where Lindy tries on Ida' s dress ;))

  35. D Lo says

    This movie would have been soooooo good if it wasn't full of shitty acting! Such a shame. I enjoyed the book!

  36. Aslı says

    Why is there Arabic letters on his eyebrow parts?

  37. Kiera Carter says

    My boyfriend's name is hunter

  38. aditi ray says

    Doesent this girl look like Elisabeth from pride and prejudice in 2002

  39. Hannah Cannock says

    What is the film like has anyone seen it??

  40. Hearts A'Mess says

    Anyway, yeah… stories like "Beauty and The Beast" can be done to DEATH and *still* serve as a great escape/ reminder of the existence of unconditional love.

  41. Hearts A'Mess says

    Is that naive and grossly idealistic? More often than not, these days, I'd be the one saying so myself… but every great once a while that "seven year old" part of me DOES speak up to argue the point, and it tells me to look back and remember a time when stuff like this might actually have gotten me through a day of listening to my parents scream at each other because one was too drunk to understand why the other was so enraged over how their combined income kept vanishing from one week to the next despite stacks of unpaid bills. Or a day of being beaten/ left at a day care past closing hours and told I would not be returning by a disgruntled worker there because said parents were who-knows-HOW-far-behind on payments and typically too preoccupied with their own lives to think of their child's. Days when *optimism/ love* seemed like the fairy-tales to the cold, hard REALITY of bitterness and- yes- mutual hatred.

    I could probably stand to be so naive and idealistic all the time.

  42. Hearts A'Mess says

    I kind of hate myself for smiling, here.

    So cheesy, yes… but also very sweet and simple in a way that almost makes you wish real *life* could just lose the attitude and imitate ART a little more often.

    I guess you really can't beat a simple "fairy-tale" for those *warm and fuzzies*. Maybe that's why all the cookie-cutter romantic comedies we see every year do so well, time after time… because little moments like these DO tend to shed a brighter light on an otherwise heavily pessimistic world.

    I tend to be the first to roll my eyes and do that sarcastic gagging thing with my finger when I see anything like this… but every so often there's a part of me, some tiny part that still VIVIDLY remembers being an innocent seven year old and *tearing up* at the height of any given "Disney" movie or whatever, that wants to cheer and hug the person next to me because some tragically afflicted asshole finally learned "how to love".

  43. Laura Jones says

    The song is heaven by the fire theft

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