1. Lucia Linda Mendez Gomez says

    Linda escena fue tan magnífico Kyle y Lindy me emocioné

  2. Nana Taylor says

    The alternative ending is better

  3. esteban espada says

    Sound ?

  4. CrowdControlQueen says

    I never saw him before the movie trailer of this movie and I was blown away by his hotness. 😍 Never saw this movie because it’s not up my alley but I’ve seen his other movies and he’s a way better actor than the roles he’s given. He’s had bad luck and needs more recognition

  5. Yona Curiel says

    Adrien and Marinette😂😂😂🤣🤣


    There plays Vanessa Hudgens whith . Oh my goodness!😍😍😍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  7. Earth The Element of Earth and Nature says

    I love the alternative ending better but I still love this movie.

  8. Napoleon Alfaro says

    Bella pelicula 👌😉😀🤗🤗😊😊

  9. rosie. says

    i actually really liked this movie, sad it wasnt more popular

  10. Gracie W says

    I wish they’d kept their names like the book too

  11. Gracie W says

    I wish they hadn’t picked Vanessa hudgens cause I think she’s kinda ugly but Alex pettyfer is a hot boi
    And I wish they’d kept the movie closer to the book. This kind of sucked.

  12. Ryan Swanson says

    Kyle and Lindy’s first kiss 2:45



  14. Briley Cantrell says

    In the book his second name is Adrian, not hunter…

  15. Lara Zanette says

    he’s soo hot

  16. bbria28 says

    Why did it take so long for his phone to ring?Also I loved the book and the movie.

  17. Megan Luminais says

    Oh wow

  18. ana maria marinho da costa says


  19. StellaMovieSeries says


  20. MrMisterman1 says

    Funny, I was kinda used to his other look by then

  21. CaNaL DÁ LoUcUrA says

    2:45 what name This music?

  22. Jacqueline Ommen says

    Am I the only one that still thought he was hot as his “ugly” self?

  23. Dreamer63 says

    I never realized the height difference between the two. It's so cuteeeee

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