🇻🇳 7 MUST-SEES in DANANG, Vietnam


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Art Thomya, a Thai singer/songwriter, will show you the 7 Must-Sees in DANANG, a modern city in central Vietnam’. Art was accompanied by his local friends, who are eager to show you the charms of their hometown. Let’s take this journey together!

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7 Must-Sees in DANANG, Vietnam
#1 Bana Hills
#2 Marble Mountains
#3 Son Tra Mountain
#4 Linh Ung Pagoda
#5 Danang Beach
#6 Danang Museum
#7 Museum of Cham Sculpture

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  1. jacky cornelio says

    0:29 Bana Hills
    2:27 Marble Mountains
    3:32 Son Tra Mountain (son tra Peninsula)
    5:06 Linh ung pagoda
    6:42 danang beach
    9:06 Danang museum
    10:16 Museum of Cham Sculpture

  2. ajay sharma says

    Excellent video

  3. tubby ninja says

    Bana hills is a proper tourist trap.

  4. Leo Santos says

    love the music! so catchy

  5. Tan Kim An says

    Both are Nice and pretty scenery

  6. Laosho says

    I m going to danang tomorrow, thanks for information

  7. Diana Lovrich says

    Can I hire your sister to take me around?! She's so well versed in the history of Da Nang! Great video!

  8. Afuk Com says


  9. Huynh Ngoc Trong says

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  11. warheadrecordsaus says

    Du Ma May

  12. Linh Đinh says

    Hey Danang much more interesting than it 🙄

  13. Are Are says

    I love vietnam, vietnam people saved my kababayan fishermen at the west philippine sea when the chinese vessel hit the fishing vessel of Philippine fishermen. Yes, i will tour Vietnam. I was then planning to tour HongKong but i cancelled it, instead i will go to the nice places of Vietnam. Thank you Vietnam – from the Philippines.

  14. LC video says

    Jolie vidéo, bien réalisée, j'ai mis 5 vidéos sur le Vietnam sur you tube, je m'abonne Louis (y compris la baie d'Along

  15. Maii says

    How can u say it was discovered by the French… Vietnam exsisted before white colonisation. Your history does not start with the white man

  16. Ben CyBer says

    safety ……….

  17. Ben CyBer says

    cleanliness is important….

  18. Ben CyBer says

    roads and drainage, both will bring growth to TOURISM……………. awesome

  19. Ben CyBer says

    roads has to improve

  20. Ben CyBer says

    informative ,. very few is english

  21. Ben CyBer says

    video is well done …

  22. Ben CyBer says

    is TOURISM growing…….

  23. jeff cahill says

    Wow, this is awesome. I'll be in Da Nang in two days and this is really helpful! Thanks!

  24. Watford Fc says

    I’m visiting next year from England and so excited 😆 great video many thanks 👍

  25. sommebuddy says

    go to the beach, ride the trails in the mountains, walk or ride in the city…it,s a wonderful city if you can avoid the busloads of Chinese tourists.

  26. suwanatatnina says

    Love your video. Great information, nice music. You and your sister are wonderful.

  27. Hector says

    there is life after USA

  28. Duy Tran says

    Great video and thank you! But music doesn’t match, my humbled opinion…

  29. N Word says

    Was anyones elses ears trippin during that intro music?

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  31. gls1934 says

    I lived in Danang for 5 years !967 to 1972 ,but it didn't look like this.

  32. warga SKPAB says

    TQ for sharing info.

  33. suwanatatnina says

    Thank you for your beautiful VDO. Give me an ideal of Danang.

  34. Kacee Bui says

    what time/month of the year was this? I want to go when it is the coolest in Temp.

  35. 사나미나토 자키 says

    1 – 7 : Barber shop

  36. Da Nang. Дананг, Вьетнам - Konstantin Vasilets says

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  37. Htein Win Latt says

    What is the name of Vietnamese song you put on the linh ung pagoda part. Very nice song I want to know the name . Please tell me

  38. Ben CyBer says

    where are u from , your conversation is good …. alsome

  39. Ben CyBer says

    this is a good video….cheers to you

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